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Newcomers Longtimers

Who We Are

Newcomers/Longtimers is an organization composed of women from all over the lake region with a membership averaging approximately 250 women. There are many fun activities that have been added to our calendar which will allow you to meet and interact with other members.

We are not only a social organization but a charitable one as well. The money raised is given back to local lake charities and awarded as scholarships to students attending local colleges and technical schools.

Please come and join us. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to other women who may become your lifelong friends.


For a membership information or application click on Membership.

"What a wonderful group of very professional ladies we have in Newcomers/Longtimers ."   I was just moving into our home in January and  my door bell rang with 4 ladies standing at my front door.  I asked them to come in and they introduced themselves and the organization they belonged to, than told me why they came to my door. " We would like to have you let us use your home for our HOME TOUR if you would let us.  Well, they told me how it worked and when and I said "as you can see I am just moving in! "  Well, they said you have plenty of time, the Home Tour in not till May.   I thought for a few minutes and asked my husband what he thought, his famous phrase is, I don't care, if you want to, I guess it's okay.   The rest is history!   By February I had joined Newcomers/Longtimers and was on the Board that same year!    Why, because all the ladies that came to my door were so nice and professional and I was very impressed.   I have worked every Home Tour for 10 years now and love every minute of helping out and to see how Newcomers/Longtimers helps others out.  I never worried about people coming through my home and would do it again and again."

Pat Thompson

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Membership Information

Charities and Scholarships

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