A social organization serving women in the
Lake of the Ozarks area
Newcomers / Longtimers

The name of the Club shall be: The Newcomers/Longtimers Club.

(A) The purpose of the Club shall be for women to promote and cultivate social relationships, community
awareness, and support designated charities through fund raising in the Lake of the Ozarks area.
B) The Club shall have no religious or political affiliations.

(A) All Luncheon meetings and Executive Board meetings shall be conducted according to "Robert's Rules of
Order Revised" on all points not specified in the by-laws.
(B) The Luncheon meeting shall be held on the third Thursday of each month from October through May.
(C) The Executive Board shall hold their first meeting in June each year, after the year’s accounting records
are audited.
(D) ALL Newcomers/Longtimers events will be cancelled when area schools are closed.
(E) Newcomers/Longtimers events and activities shall not be scheduled on the days of established
Newcomers/Longtimers meeting dates for Cards/Games, Executive Board Meetings and Luncheon Meetings
without Executive Board approval.

(A) Cards/Games shall be held on the first Thursday of each month from October through May.
(B) Reservations and cancellations for Luncheon meetings and Cards/Games will not be accepted after the
Sunday prior to the event.  Members who make reservations and do not attend will be assessed for the price of
the reservation in writing.  Members failing to pay the assessed amount within 30 days shall be taken off the
notification list of all functions and not permitted to attend future events until all delinquent fees are paid.

(A) All women living in the Lake of the Ozarks area, full or part-time, are eligible for membership.
(B) There shall be two classes of membership: Active and Past President.
(C) An active member is required to pay dues, is eligible to vote, hold office, and participate in all activities of
the Club.
(D) A President shall become a paid up lifetime member of the Club on the completion of a full term of office,
and shall have the same privileges as an active member.
(E) Information contained in the Membership Roster is for Newcomers/Longtimers activities only. Misuse of this
information could lead to disciplinary action by the Executive Board.  Such action could include removal from
membership in the organization.
(F) Solicitation of the membership in any form is not permitted.  Not-for-profit organization information may be
provided on tables outside of the function room; however their products, tickets or chances are not to be sold.  
The Newcomers/Longtimers Charity of the Month may provide literature within the meeting room.

(A)  Annual dues must be paid to participate in any Newcomers/Longtimers activity, excluding invited guests
and volunteers.  The dues year is from June through May of the following year.
(B) Dues are due on or before the May luncheon meeting.
(C) Membership roster shall consist of all members whose dues are paid on or before the May Luncheon
meeting.  Members paying dues after the May Luncheon shall be included as updates are made.
(D) Eligible women may attend one function as a visitor. If a visitor decides to join, dues are payable at the next
function attended.
(E) New members joining after February shall be considered paid for the following year.
(F) In the event the Newcomers/Longtimers Club should be dissolved, moneys in the treasury at the time, after
all expenses are paid, will be dispersed to current Club charities.

(A) The Officers of the Club shall be a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording
Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.
(B) The Officers shall be elected from the membership at large by a majority vote of those present at the April
Luncheon meeting.  Election shall be by a show of hands.
(C) Installation of Officers shall be held in May.  All Officers, Standing Committee Chairs, Parliamentarian, and
the last two Past Presidents shall assume their duties on June first.  
(D) All officers shall be elected to serve a one year term, from June 1 through May the following year.  Officers
shall not hold the same office for more than two full consecutive terms.
(E) Vacancies in offices shall be filled by the President and approved by the Executive Board.  These officers
shall serve until the next regular election.

(A) The Executive Board shall consist of Officers, Standing Committee Chairs, Parliamentarian, Special
Committee Chairs and two Past Presidents.  They shall be responsible for conducting the business of the Club
and attending Executive Board Meetings.
(B)  Standing Committee Chairs, and Past Presidents shall not hold the same position for more than two full
consecutive years.  Should the President serve more than one term, the immediate two Past Presidents shall
serve on the Board.
(C) Parliamentarian and Website Manager may serve for more than two full terms at the President’s discretion.
(D) Those entitled to vote shall include all Officers (excluding the President), all Standing Committee Chairs or
their assistant in their absence, and Past Presidents.  
The following Board Members shall not be entitled to vote:          
1. President (except in the event of a tie)        
2. Parliamentarian
3. Special Committee Chairs
4. Website Manager
5. Inspirational Speaker
(E) Each person entitled to vote at the board meetings shall be allowed only one vote per motion, regardless of
how many offices she is holding or committees she is chairing.
(F) At the Executive Board meeting in June, the Executive Board shall determine the annual fund raising event
(s) for that year.

Section 1.  PRESIDENT
(A) It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all Luncheon meetings of the Club and at meetings of the
Executive Board, and report the action and recommendations of the Executive Board to the Club membership.
(B) The newly elected President shall appoint Standing Committee Chairs, Parliamentarian, and may appoint
an Inspirational Speaker. Vice-Chairs shall not be appointed.  If the Standing Committee Chairs need
assistance, they shall select a Vice-Chair.  Standing Committees and their duties are defined in the Standard
Operating Procedures.
(C) The President shall appoint other Committees as follows:  Nominating Committee, Auditing Committee and
Budget Committee.
(D) The President may appoint Special Committees as defined in the Standard Operating Procedures.
(E) The President may serve as an ex-officio member of all committees with the exception of the Nominating
(F) The President shall approve all announcements provided by members and/or guests prior to being added
to the agenda.

It shall be the duty of the First Vice President to perform all the duties of the President in her absence. She
shall be responsible for Luncheon meetings.

It shall be the duty of the Second Vice President to perform the duties of the First Vice President in her
absence and the duties of the President in the absence of the President and First Vice President.  She shall be
responsible for the Cards and Games event.

The Recording Secretary shall keep records of meetings as necessary and shall be responsible for providing
the previous meeting's minutes to members.

The Corresponding Secretary shall read and respond to club correspondence.

Section 6.  TREASURER
The Treasurer shall maintain the club’s accounting records.

Section 1.  Quorum for active members shall be a majority of those present.
Section 2.  Quorum for the Executive Board members shall be a majority of the total voting Board members,
except for By-Laws amendments, which shall require a two-thirds majority vote of the total voting members of
the Executive Board.
Section 3. Quorum for committees shall be a majority of the voting committee members.

(A) The Club shall support charities and scholarships only from the Lake of the Ozarks area.
(B) Scholarship recipients must be current students selected from area higher education schools.   

(A) Amendments may be made to the By-Laws with the requirement of two-thirds majority vote of the total
voting members of the Executive Board and approved by a majority vote of the membership.