A social organization serving women in the
Lake of the Ozarks area
Newcomers / Longtimers
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In Like a Lion out Like a Lamb!  Not for
Newcomers/Longtimers!  Newcomers/Longtimers Club

In like a lion out like a lamb!  Not for Newcomers/Longtimers!  
The 2015-2016 year started strong with the election of new
officers and committee chairs who immediately got to work
updating bylaws, planning activities like diners, drive-ins and
dives, couples bunco, craft classes and a book clubs, not to
mention the 22nd annual home tour.  The year is going out the
same way it started, with a roar, with amazing attendance at
the home tour, the installation of new officers and a raffle to
benefit Helping Hands.

Long before there was the Community Bridge, long before
there was Porto Cima, long before there was the outlet mall or
H Toads there were the Newcomers/Longtimers.  Chartered in
1965 by a group of enterprising women, N/L is both a lake
institution and tradition.  Each year N/L supports the
community and many of its local charities through scholarships
and fund raising events, like the annual home tour and
community awareness activities.  But the group is not all work
and no play.  Each month N/L hosts a luncheon that includes a
variety of programs designed to interest, inform and
entertain.   Each month the group meets to play a ruckus game
of bunco, attend a movie followed by dinner, share a good
book, indulge in a cocktail at happy hour or enjoy a day of
cards and games.  

Newcomers/Longtimers would like to welcome the new fun
group of 2016-2017 officers and committee chairs; President,
Vickie Faulstitch; 1st Vice President, Claudia Thomas; 2nd Vice
President, Jean Fickle; Treasurer, Jane Ferris;  Recording
Secretary & Historian, Sistie Bender; Inspirational Speaker,
Vickie Faulstitch; Corresponding Secretary, Iris Wright; Dining
Out, Donna Steele; Membership, Sue Bleigh; Hospitality, Katy
Kirn; News & Views, Susan Akscin; Publicity, Anne Beecher;
Scholarships, Anne Koepke; Parliamentarian, Lynda Hartwick;
Community Awareness, Carol Olivarri; Webmaster, Nancie
Boland; Special Activities, Alane Frankenfield and Luncheon
Reservations, Becky Johnson.   

Join Newcomers/Longtimers today on line at
http://www.newcomerslongtimers.com or contact Sue Bleigh
at 913-707-5406
Newcomers/Long timers is an organization composed of    
women from all over the lake region with a membership          
averaging  approximately 250 women. There are many fun      
activities that have been added to our calendar that will         
allow you to meet and interact with other members.

We are not only a social organization but a charitable one as
well. Our annual home tour is our biggest undertaking. The
money raised is given back to local lake charities and awarded
as scholarships to students attending local colleges and      
technical schools.

Please come and join us. We look forward to meeting you and
introducing you to other women who may become your       
lifelong friends.

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Photo from left to right:

President, Vickie Faulstich
1st Vice President, Claudia Thomas
Treasurer, Jane Ferris
Recording Secretary & Historian, Sistie Bender
2nd Vice President, Jean Fickle
Corresponding Secretary, Iris Wright